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Ivoire Hair Vendors is one of the leading professional Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer,We provide high-quality hair for hair distributors, hair salons, etc. Because we have our own factory, we can better guarantee the quality and delivery time of Wholesale Hair Bundles

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Of course, there are some customers who want colored Hair Bundles. Blond (613) is one of people’s favorite colors, so  Ivoire Hair Vendors also have blond Hair Extensions for you to choose to meet the needs of your different customers.

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If you want to do the whole head, then only Hair Bundles is not enough. The top Lace Frontal and the Lace Front Wigs are very important. Some customers like to use the front part (WIG) of the hair woven into the head. Some customers like to start with braids. Generally, if customers buy hair, they will weave them together or assemble the Lace Frontal end into Wig. Closed add 2-3 hair weaves. The longer the length, the more Hair Weaves are needed

HD Lace Frontal

Ivoire Human Virgin Hair Wholesale has a long service life and a wide range of use, which can bring you the best extended experience. Ivoire is the Best Wholesale Hair Vendors, we can not only provide useful advice for your hair business, we will also provide the best Virgin Hair quality at the actual ex-factory price

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Our Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk is very silky, No shedding, No tangling, and is loved by our customers as well as our customers’ customers. Can better help you start your business

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Detailed Information About Ivoire Wholesale Virgin Hair Distributors

Hair Texture: Straight, Body Waves, Loose Waves, Water Waves, Deep Waves, Etc.

Material: 100% human hair, 100% first hair, Brazil hair, Peru hair, Malaysia hair, India hair, etc.

Weight: 1pc about 100 ±10g

Specification: For 2-3 strands of 10-16 inches, 3-4 strands of 18-22 inches are needed, while 24 inches of hair should have at least 4 strands

Grade: 7-10A

Length: 10″ -30″

Hair color: black natural color, 613 golden

613 Bundle

Hair quality: All cuticles in our bundle are facing the same direction to prevent tangles

Hair weft type: double weft knitting to ensure service life and minimize shedding

Features: No chemical treatment is required, and the hair is steamed to achieve its texture

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

  • Straight Hair Bundles

If this is your first contact with Hair Extensions, or even if you want to easily obtain the maximum styling versatility, it is recommended that you choose Straight Hair Bundles, because straight hair you can do any styling you like, of course, do your own styling It’s all one-off.

Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair

  • Body Waves Bundles

Body Wave is a lush hair texture with a deep S-shaped wave shape, very soft and full of elasticity, perfectly maintains curls, wearing it, you will become more charming.

Hair Bundles

  • Loose Waves Bundles

Our 100% Virgin Loose Hair strands provide the ideal foundation for all carefree, light, wavy makeup looks

Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk

  • Deep Waves Bundles

Virgin Deep Wave Bundles strands have soft spiral waves, full of body and bouncing feeling. Our deep wave hair is very suitable for those big waves that want to produce larger waves, naturally stretch like water waves

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

  • Curly Hair Bundles

Beautiful Curly Hair will make you the focus! Our Best Wholesale Curly Hair Bundles have tight, tortuous curls, which are perfect for creating massive curls that mimic the natural 3C hair texture.

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How Can I Order Hair Bundle Deals

Bundle Deals 1:177$

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 10″ 12″ 14″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (12″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

The price of hair with the same length and different curvatures is the same, so don’t worry at all, you can buy hair with any curvature you want

Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk

Bundle Deals 2:289$

3 Bundles Curly Hair (mix 22″ 24″26″) +1 Lace Closure 4″ *4″ (20″) Curly Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 22″ 24″ 26″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA


Wholesale Human Hair Bundles

Bundle Deals 3:229$

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (16″) Straight Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (16″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Bundle Deals 4:250$

3 Bundles Body Wave (mix 18″ 20″ 22″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Body Wave + shipping to USA

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

The Virgin Hair Issues You Want To Know About Ivoire Lashes Vendors

1. How Many Bundles Should I Buy

Friends, if you want to fully fill a head, the virgin hair of 3 bundl ē will get better. If the hair exceeds 18 inches, it is best to use 4 strands of fresh hair. In addition, if you haven’t missed anything, you can try the 3-belt closed hair strand or the 3-belt front hair strand, which will help you save more money.

2. Can I Dye My Hair?

Yes, the hair can be colored. But it is generally not recommended to dye hair with three-dimensional curvature.As for the untreated original hair, you can dye it in any color, and it is strongly recommended that you ask the hairdresser to dye the hair extension to get the desired result.

3. How Long Can The Hair Tress Last?

If properly maintained, our bundles usually last 2 years. It depends on how you maintain it

4:How To Make A Person’s Wig Last Longer

There are many influencing factors, if you want to know more, you can click here to view>>>《How To Make A Person’s Wig Last Longer》, I hope it can help you

5:Why Are My Hair Extensions Tangled Together?

This may be caused by dry hair. Make sure to wash and condition your hair at least once a week, preferably twice a week. You should comb your hair from time to time. You can also go to the designer for further suggestions.

6:Which Hair Care Product Should I Use?

First of all, make sure to treat this hair like your own hair.
1. Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair. Keeping hair soft and shiny is very important.
2. You can use gel or spray styling products to maintain your hairstyle.
3. Olive oil will be a good choice to keep your hair healthy.

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Real Feedback From Ivoire Wholesale Hair Vendors Customers

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