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Ivoire Hair Vendors is one of the leading professional Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer,We provide high-quality hair for hair distributors, hair salons, etc. Because we have our own factory, we can better guarantee the quality and delivery time of Wholesale Hair Bundles

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Of course, there are some customers who want colored Hair Bundles. Blond (613) is one of people’s favorite colors, so  Ivoire Hair Vendors also have blond Hair Extensions for you to choose to meet the needs of your different customers.

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If you want to do the whole head, then only Hair Bundles is not enough. The top Lace Frontal and the Lace Front Wigs are very important. Some customers like to use the front part (WIG) of the hair woven into the head. Some customers like to start with braids. Generally, if customers buy hair, they will weave them together or assemble the Lace Frontal end into Wig. Closed add 2-3 hair weaves. The longer the length, the more Hair Weaves are needed

HD Lace Frontal

Ivoire Human Virgin Hair Wholesale has a long service life and a wide range of use, which can bring you the best extended experience. Ivoire is the Best Wholesale Hair Vendors, we can not only provide useful advice for your hair business, we will also provide the best Virgin Hair quality at the actual ex-factory price

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Our Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk is very silky, No shedding, No tangling, and is loved by our customers as well as our customers’ customers. Can better help you start your business

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Detailed Information About Ivoire Wholesale Virgin Hair Distributors

Hair Texture: Straight, Body Waves, Loose Waves, Water Waves, Deep Waves, Etc.

Material: 100% human hair, 100% first hair, Brazil hair, Peru hair, Malaysia hair, India hair, etc.

Weight: 1pc about 100 ±10g

Specification: For 2-3 strands of 10-16 inches, 3-4 strands of 18-22 inches are needed, while 24 inches of hair should have at least 4 strands

Grade: 7-10A

Length: 10″ -30″

Hair color: black natural color, 613 golden

613 Bundle

Hair quality: All cuticles in our bundle are facing the same direction to prevent tangles

Hair weft type: double weft knitting to ensure service life and minimize shedding

Features: No chemical treatment is required, and the hair is steamed to achieve its texture

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

  • Straight Hair Bundles

If this is your first contact with Hair Extensions, or even if you want to easily obtain the maximum styling versatility, it is recommended that you choose Straight Hair Bundles, because straight hair you can do any styling you like, of course, do your own styling It’s all one-off.

Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair

  • Body Waves Bundles

Body Wave is a lush hair texture with a deep S-shaped wave shape, very soft and full of elasticity, perfectly maintains curls, wearing it, you will become more charming.

Hair Bundles

  • Loose Waves Bundles

Our 100% Virgin Loose Hair strands provide the ideal foundation for all carefree, light, wavy makeup looks

Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk

  • Deep Waves Bundles

Virgin Deep Wave Bundles strands have soft spiral waves, full of body and bouncing feeling. Our deep wave hair is very suitable for those big waves that want to produce larger waves, naturally stretch like water waves

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

  • Curly Hair Bundles

Beautiful Curly Hair will make you the focus! Our Best Wholesale Curly Hair Bundles have tight, tortuous curls, which are perfect for creating massive curls that mimic the natural 3C hair texture.

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How Can I Order Hair Bundle Deals

Bundle Deals 1:177$

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 10″ 12″ 14″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (12″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

The price of hair with the same length and different curvatures is the same, so don’t worry at all, you can buy hair with any curvature you want

Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk

Bundle Deals 2:289$

3 Bundles Curly Hair (mix 22″ 24″26″) +1 Lace Closure 4″ *4″ (20″) Curly Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 22″ 24″ 26″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 22″ 24″ 26″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Straight Hair + shipping to USA


Wholesale Human Hair Bundles

Bundle Deals 3:229$

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (16″) Straight Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 16″ 18″ 20″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (16″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Curly Hair (mix 16″ 18″20″) +1 Lace Closure 4″ *4″ (16″) Curly Hair + shipping to USA

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Bundle Deals 4:250$

3 Bundles Body Wave (mix 18″ 20″ 22″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Body Wave + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 18″ 20″ 22″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Straight Hair (mix 18″ 20″ 22″) + 1 Lace 4″ *4″ Closure (20″) Straight Hair + shipping to USA

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

Bundle Deals 5:235$

3 Bundles Body Wave (mix 10″ 12″14″) + 1 Lace 13″ *4″ Frontal (12″) Body Wave + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Loose Wave Hair (mix 10″ 12″14″) + 1 Lace 13″ *4″ Frontal (12″) Loose Wave Hair + shipping to USA

3 Bundles Curly Hair (mix 10″ 12″14″) +1 Lace 13″ *4″ Frontal (12″)Curly Hair + shipping to USA

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer 

HD Lace And Ordinary Lace

Generally speaking, lace has four different colors, including dark brown, medium brown, light brown and transparent. It is important to choose the right color to better match the skin tone of a person. According to the quality of lace, it is divided into HD lace and ordinary lace. HD lace is a high-density, high-quality transparent lace. Due to its particularity, HD Lace is suitable for all skin types. Ordinary lace includes transparent lace of ordinary density and brown, light brown and dark brown of ordinary density

Wholesale Hair Vendors

HD” stands for high-definition, high-density lace material. This kind of lace material is also called Swiss lace, which is invisible on the scalp. This makes the hairline of the wig wearer look very natural, and the hairline is almost invisible.

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

HD Lace Front Wigs provide materials that are softer and denser than ordinary lace. When ordinary lace is worn on the head, the hairline will be seen. The HD lace wig perfectly blends with the subtle hairline of your skin. Due to the invisibility of HD lace, HD lace wig can perfectly match any skin tone, making your hairstyle more natural

Brazilian Hair Wholesale

Why Choose Ivoire Human Hair As Your Virgin Hair Vendors?

1: Super quality

100% primitive human Hair Bundles, 10A untreated primitive human hair strands, complete body surface, consistent body strands, soft, smooth and healthy human virgin hair strands! The raw material is real hair purchased from Brazil, thick and straight, with good tension. The rated current of our hair is 10A, the higher the grade, the thicker the end of the hair. The weft yarn is the density of the upper thread. Double weft yarn refers to the situation where the yarn at the hair extension is denser than the yarn at the standard weft yarn. This also means less or almost no shedding than standard filling.

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

2:Looks natural

Ivoire Virgin Hair Bundles can perfectly blend with your real hair. These have pure natural qualities. You can use Virgin Hair Vendors’ hair as is without any problems. You don’t have to hide anything. People will not notice that you are wearing a wholesale hair bundle. You can use it on any occasion without discomfort.

Wholesale Hair Bundles Vendors


Our Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk are all handmade and can be used for a long time. The best hats are made of lace. Each hair is sewn on the hat separately to achieve a very natural hairline and appearance and can be worn comfortably for a long time.

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

4:No harmful substances

Ivoire Wholesale Human Hair Bundles distribution is a natural choice. This means that the wholesale hair color you choose does not come from chemically dyed products. We all know that synthetic hair can be toxic and is not suitable for your hair follicles and head. Therefore, please choose real hair as much as possible. Our wigs have been sterilized at high temperature and will not have any irritating scalp substances. Please rest assured to use

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

5:Long lasting

Ivoire Human Virgin Hair are soft, no shedding, no tangles, thick and durable. We are Professional Virgin Hair Factory with excellent quality and service, we are 100% Human Hair, 100% Virgin Hair,Very silky, No shedding and No tangling. our Hair can use at least 1-2 years.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer 

6: Update our products every quarter

Updating hair tress products in a timely manner is what we should do as an excellent Wholesale Hair Bundles Vendors! We update wig products from time to time, so that more customers have more choices!

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer 

The Virgin Hair Issues You Want To Know About Ivoire Lashes Vendors

1:How Many Bundles Should I Buy

Friends, if you want to fully fill a head, the virgin hair of 3 bundl ē will get better. If the hair exceeds 18 inches, it is best to use 4 strands of fresh hair. In addition, if you haven’t missed anything, you can try the 3-belt closed hair strand or the 3-belt front hair strand, which will help you save more money.

2:Can I Dye My Hair?

Yes, the hair can be colored. But it is generally not recommended to dye hair with three-dimensional curvature.As for the untreated original hair, you can dye it in any color, and it is strongly recommended that you ask the hairdresser to dye the hair extension to get the desired result.

3:Can They Be Straightened or Curled?

Yes, you can use a straightener or curling iron to style Brazilian Original Hair. However, please do not do it too frequently, otherwise the heat will make your hair dry and tangled easily

4: How Long Can The Hair Tress Last?

If properly maintained, our bundles usually last 2 years. It depends on how you maintain it

5:How To Make A Person’s Wig Last Longer

There are many influencing factors, if you want to know more, you can click here to view>>>《How To Make A Person’s Wig Last Longer》, I hope it can help you

6:Why Are My Hair Extensions Tangled Together?

This may be caused by dry hair. Make sure to wash and condition your hair at least once a week, preferably twice a week. You should comb your hair from time to time. You can also go to the designer for further suggestions.

7:How To Distinguish Human Hair With Synthetic Hair?

Human Virgin Hair has natural protein. Burning is easy to see: when it burns, Human Hair Bundles will emit white smoke, and Human Hair will turn into ashes, which will disappear after being pinched.
When artificial hair burns, it turns into a sticky ball and presents black smoke.
In addition, human hair may have gray hair and hair ends. This is normal, not quality

8:Which Hair Care Product Should I Use?

First of all, make sure to treat this hair like your own hair.
1. Use high-quality shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair. Keeping hair soft and shiny is very important.
2. You can use gel or spray styling products to maintain your hairstyle.
3. Olive oil will be a good choice to keep your hair healthy.

9:Will Your Human Hair Bundles Get Tangle?

Normally, our hair does not Tangle because its scales are facing in one direction. However, dryness, accumulation of oil and dirt, salt water or not daily combing can cause tangling and shedding. Please follow the hair care instructions and wash your hair twice a week with a good shampoo and conditioner

10:How often should I wash my wig?

People who wear wigs often should wash them once every 3 months, and be careful when washing wigs. It is easy to be frizzy or break hair, so you have to be extra careful

11:Can I Reshape My Hairstyle?

1. Find the right temperature for curly hair (160-180 degrees Celsius or 320-360 degrees Fahrenheit!)

2. Time control is very important. We recommend keeping the curling iron on your hair for 8 to 10 seconds at a suitable temperature, and then slowly remove it.

3. Finally, spray some hairspray to keep your curly hair tidy all day long

12: What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is unprocessed or untreated human hair. Our wigs have been exported to at least 60 countries, especially the United States, Europe, South America and North Africa. When our customers receive an order, they will also give us good reviews!

13: How Long Is The Processing Time?

As a wholesale Mink Virgin Hair Bundles Manufacturer, of course, we have enough stock for our customers to use. As long as you buy our hair, we will arrange the delivery for you within 24 hours after you confirm the payment. You can receive it in about 5-7 business days.

What Are the Factors That Affect Hair Life?

1.With Proper Care

Under normal circumstances, our hair extensions can be reused for 2 years if they are properly cared for. This is our customer experience and real customer feedback over the years. You must be as careful as you treat your hair.

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

2: Wear It Correctly

Installation is very important for maintaining hair. Incorrect installation method will not only affect the service life of hair strands, but also damage your natural hair quality. Therefore, professional installation of the best Virgin Hair strands is an important factor in determining the use time of cheap hair. If you are not sure about your hair braiding and sewing skills, it is recommended to go to the barber shop for help

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer 

3. The Quality Of  Hair

You need to know that the quality of your hair will affect the service life of your hair, which in turn will affect your hair business and whether your customers will come here to Wholesale Human Hair Bundles!

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

4:From Weaving Technology And Lace Material

If crocheted, when you cannot grasp the power of Human Virgin Hair Wholesale, the strength will be loose and the strength will be broken. Therefore, knitting workers must undergo intensive training and pass the assessment of quality inspectors before weaving the ordered products for customers. Choose manufacturers with exquisite weaving technology, use high-quality lace mesh caps, so that the products produced have a longer service life

Human Hair Bundles Supplier

5:Frequency Of Cleaning

When buying real hair wigs, try to buy high-quality front lace wigs, which will be more durable. After wholesale Brazilian hair is hollowed out on the base material, more frequent shampoo, more frequent friction between the hair and base material will affect the service life of the wig. So how often is it appropriate to clean it? In order to better ensure a good texture and effect, it is recommended to wash the wig once every 10 days.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

How To Wash The Hair

1:Use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to comb your hair to make it smooth. Please note, please do it as gently as possible, rough and strong combing may cause hair loss.

2:Prepare a basin of mild water, drip in an appropriate amount of shampoo, and then stir the water by hand. It is recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo to protect No-Remy’s hair.

3:Soak wavy wet hair with water, then gently press your head with your fingers. You can also perform a scalp massage to relax your mind and body. You must be gentle every time you wash your face, because it is easy to shed hair when washing your wig.

4:Clean the hair with a basin of water, then apply a proper amount of hair nourishing shampoo on the hair, and leave it on the hair for about 3-5 minutes.

5:Rinse hair with clean water.

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Do You Know How To Measure Hair Bundles Correctly?

When measuring the length of a Human Virgin Hair Bundles you should straighten Brazilian Hair from the top of the head to the bottom of the hair tress, because the Virgin Hair Bundles is straight. Therefore, measuring and checking the length of your real virgin hair with an accurate tape measure can perfectly indicate the length of your Hair Bundle

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

How To Extend The Life Of Lace Front Wig

1:When you are not wearing Virgin Hair, you can place the fake on the wig holder. This can help maintain its structure and avoid entanglement in Human Virgin Hair.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer 

2:Avoid using hot water, salt water and chlorine to prevent damage to the strands

Wholesale Hair Vendors

Please pay attention to which tools are used to shape your Brazilian Hair Wholesale. Depending on the style and texture, you may not want to use heated style tools, such as straighten.

Lace Front Wigs Vendors

How To Choose Lace Wig Color

1:Look for lace that matches the color of your scalp

If you choose the right lace front wig wholesale. And look for similar colors that suit you. First, separate the hair with a comb or hand and observe the color of the scalp. Try to choose a lace color that matches the color of your scalp. If you can’t find the lace that you want to match the scalp color, you can choose ordinary transparent lace. Suppose you have high requirements for the matching of lace and scalp. Then I suggest you choose high-definition lace. HD lace is high-definition high-density transparent lace, suitable for any scalp color..

HD Lace Frontal

HD” stands for high-definition, high-density lace material. This kind of lace material is also called Swiss lace, which is invisible on the scalp. This makes the wearer’s hairline look very natural, and the hairline is almost invisible.

Brazilian Hair Wholesale

The material provided by Hd Lace Wig Cap is softer and denser than ordinary lace. When ordinary lace is worn on the head, the hairline will be seen. The wig cap HD blends perfectly with the subtle hairline of your skin. Due to the invisibility of HD lace, HD lace wigs can perfectly match any skin tone, making you confused whether you are wearing a wig and making your hairstyle more natural

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

How To Keep The Body Wave Lace Front Wig Wave?

Body waves are the most popular texture in Human Hair Bundles. Many black women want to have long hair with big wavy curly hair, so human hair wavy lace wigs are the first choice. The body wave texture has loose wavy curly hair in a large “S” shape, with natural luster, and looks fluffy and fashionable. Body waves look natural, creating soft and natural waves. And the maintenance cost of body wave is not very high. Body wavy hair has a natural wavy feeling, so many people want to use styling products to achieve different wavy feelings

Wholesale Human Hair Bundles

1:Don’t worry about getting straight or loose after washing. First, use a clean towel instead of a hair dryer to dry the body wavy wig. Do not dry your hair completely, it is easy to damage the hair. Then let it air-dry until there are no drips, but it is not completely dry, apply some hair oil on your hands, and then evenly apply it to your hair

Virgin Hair Bundles Bulk

2:After applying oil on the Body Wave Wig, use your fingers to gently pass through the hair from top to bottom. You don’t need too much hair oil; you just need to be more natural on the top of the wig. The waves need to keep getting better and better from beginning to end. Then body waves and curly hair will become more beautiful and curly.

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

3:The next step is to restore the body wave pattern. You can apply some curling styling cream or mousse to your hair because they are very useful for re-styling. Spread the mousse evenly on the wavy hair of the body. You don’t need much mousse on your hair because it is easy to vacuum. You can also spray your hair with water and a curling styling cream.

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

4:Let your body’s wavy hair dry completely. Please do not use the wind to blow your hair, preferably with a wavy or curly hair dryer. This way can well maintain the wave shape and curl.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Manufacturer 

5:Don’t forget to deep-condition the body wave wig every two weeks. This process is to give your hair nourishment and moisture to avoid dryness. This will keep your hair in good condition and avoid tangling and shedding

Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Real Feedback From Ivoire Wholesale Hair Vendors Customers

Ivoire Hair Bundle Review

Why Are Closed Human Hair Bundle Popular?

Human Hair Bundles With Closure are becoming more and more popular, and it has become a fashion trend for some black women. Do you know why it has become so popular among some African American women recently? Whether it is made in Brazil, Peru, Malaysia or India, it is all unprocessed human hair, 100% original hair extension.

Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair

Both human hair and lace seals are collected from young girl donors. They are 100% Human Hair. They are unprocessed and there is no chemical process. There are Brazil, Peru, Malaysia and India. In terms of texture, there are body waves, straight waves, deep waves, curls, and loose waves. The lace closures are 100% hand-tied, they can fix the hair strands to a part of the lace. And the lace size is usually 4inch x 4inch, and there are also 5inch x 5inch. And the color is medium brown, so it can match the skin well.

Hair Extensions Supplier

What are the benefits of using lace to seal?

The lace seal can protect your hair well. Your hair will be covered with lace, which can protect your own hair from some chemical hair care products. And there is no chance for your hair to become brittle or thin. If you have cut your hair and want it to look very long, choose a Hair Bundle with closures. It will give you a new look.

Wholesale Human Hair Bundles

Then the lace seal can provide a natural installation. The slender Swiss lace can give a “natural” scalp appearance, making it difficult for others to guess. No need to worry about mixing with your own hair. Lace closure is easy to put down, there is no typical line, it can be perfectly stitched with your hair strands, making you look natural, as if it grows from your own scalp, no one will doubt that you wear it Hair extension

Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair

In addition, if you wear closed hair strands, you can easily change your hairstyle. As we all know, human hair can be ironed, curled and heated. As long as it is properly maintained, it can last a long time.

Brazilian Hair Wholesale

Synthetic Wigs Vs Human Hair Wigs

Wigs come in various styles, types and brands, so choosing a wig can be exciting and overwhelming. Understanding the basic wig VS human hair wig is the key to choosing the right wig

Virgin Hair Vendors

The advantages of real hair wigs

1:Styling versatility-Many human hair wigs can be styled, permed and dyed just like your own hair. If you want to change the color of your wig, we suggest you give it to a stylist who is experienced in handling human hair wigs

Hair Extensions Supplier

2: Texture-Due to the different types of human hair wigs, you can choose a texture similar to your own hair

Wholesale Hair Vendors

3:Longevity-if you take care of it properly, a human hair wig can be used for a year or more if you wear it every day

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

4:Natural look-The look and feel of human hair wigs are very natural.

Best Wholesale Human Hair Weave Vendor

Limitations of human hair wigs

1:High maintenance-just like real hair, human hair wigs need frequent washing and re-styling

2:Cost-Human hair wigs are usually more expensive because they are made from real hair

3:Fragile-if you use heated styling tools repeatedly or combing hard, your hair will be damaged

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

Advantages of synthetic wigs

1:Easy to care-synthetic wigs have convenient “style retention”. You can even a wig, it will change back to its original appearance, just like magic!

2:Weatherproof-One of the main advantages when viewing the debate between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs is that synthetic wigs maintain their style regardless of the weather. No extra frizz!

3:Low maintenance-Since hair is synthetic, they require less care than human hair. Generally speaking, synthetic wigs need to be washed every 6-8 times.

4:Cost-In terms of quality, synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs. If you buy a high-quality, heat-resistant synthetic wig, it can be more cost-effective than a human hair wig

5:Versatility-There are endless color choices for synthetic wigs, from natural to abstract, from wild to wonderful colors!

Wholesale Vendors Brazilian Bundle Hair

Limitations Of Synthetic Wigs

1:Lifespan-The lifespan of synthetic wigs is actually not as long as human hair wigs, so you may find that you need to replace your wigs with synthetic wigs more frequently.

2:Poor versatility-unless particularly heat-resistant, synthetic wigs cannot be styled with heated styling tools. For these wigs, you can only shape the style it already has

3:Can’t change the color-synthetic wigs are not recommended to be recolored, so be sure to choose a color you want to stick to

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