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Mink Eyelash Knowledge You Didn’t Know!

Mink Eyelash Knowledge You Didn’t Know!

I’ve been engaged in eyelash business for a long time. Do you know something about mink eyelashes? Some people say mink eyelashes are definitely for big buyers because their price is more than $300, but it’s not. Laroche Lash Vendors can also provide you with a small number of Mink Eyelashes Wholesale!Let’s discuss some little-known things about mink eyelashes:

Expensive:Laroche Eyelash Vendor has been engaged in eyelash business for so long, and the most feedback heard is probably that mink eyelashes are too expensive! Yes, but it’s expensive for a reason. The hair of mink eyelashes is combed from live minks, and the process of collecting and further processing them is difficult. And these are handmade, not mass production, so the cost will increase!

Sterilized:This is used on the human body and is the most sensitive part of the human body, so these eyelashes are disinfected and cleaned and will not cause allergic reactions.

Light Weight:Mink eyelashes are very soft and light, so they don’t add weight to natural eyelashes.

Fake Mink Eyelashes: Yes, just like those expensive things, fake mink eyelashes occupy the eyelash market, which makes many customers don’t know how to distinguish. You can find these fakes through the price, because the price of fakes is very low. Of course, some counterfeits may be excellent, but they still can’t compare with the real ones.


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