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How To Wear False Eyelashes?

How To Wear False Eyelashes?

When you measure the length, you can smear the glue.. It is not necessary to apply too much. If it is not well controlled, use the cotton stick to dip the glue and apply it to the base of the false eyelashes. The amount of control is probably the way it is, good fake Mascara coating is enough, it can be firmly attached to it, and it is easy to clean up after it is done. It can be properly strengthened at the end of the eye and at the end of the eye. If you apply too much, it will spill over to the eyelid and on the eyelashes. Do not stick to the eyelid immediately after coating the glue.Blowing 10~15 seconds to make the glue half dry, the glue has the strongest stickiness at this time.


This is the whole stickup position: 1. eyes look down, and the whole eyelid is exposed. 2. false eyelash stick angle slightly upturned, not taiping. Taiping doesn’t look good. And the more important one is that the closer the false eyelashes are to their true eyelashes, the more realistic it looks. So, be like the false eyelash plug to the junction part of the eyelids and eyelashes like the feeling when the paste, a line from bottom to to feel you can put fake lashes out of You can put the false eyelashes close to your true eyelashes.When the middle is posted, the tweezers are released immediately.
And then clip the outside of the roots of false eyelashes, stick eye end (then you can see a little white glue, but do not worry, after a while will become transparent)
The corner of the eye is the same as the tail of the eye. It is also the root of the false 3D mink eyelashes, which is sent to the inner corner of the eye.
This time the whole false eyelash is basically posted, but it’s not the best. It is possible that there is still a little gap in the middle. You can use one finger to gently push the whole false eyelash, so that the base and the eyelid are perfectly fit. So the false eyelashes are put up.


Another method:Be sure to warp the eyelashes and brush the mascara, and then the sticky false eyelashes can be unassailable.
With a small scissors to cut a cut under the eyelashes, two, stick in two, and then cut, then stick.
Use the hand to dip some false eyelash glue, easy to use. More convenient than using the brush head, dry off can be made up at any time.
From the beginning of the eye, stick to the eyelash section in order, a section of the eye on the lower eyelid position, neatly arranged.
Then start to handle the eyelashes. When the length of the eyelashes is measured, then the false eyelashes are trimmed, and the false eyelashes, which are thicker and longer at the end of the eye, are suitable for a round eye type which is suitable for the long eye.
he closer the false eyelash is to your true eyelashes, the more realistic it looks. Let the false eyelashes stick to the juncture of the eyelashes and eyelashes. First, take a look at the length of the false eyelashes. The inner side of the false eyelashes should be aligned 4-5 millimeters inside the corner. It is not necessary to fill the inner corner, which is a little longer than the eyes, and the excess part is cut off.
Then, two hands hold the false eyelashes to nudge, make it appropriate to increase bending radian, so as to better fit the eye.

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