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Can Super Glue Be Used For Mink Eyelashes?

Can Super Glue Be Used For Mink Eyelashes?

1. Why not use super glue to glue the eyelashes?

1.1 Eyelashes fall off easily

Most people believe that super glue can hold mink eyelashes more firmly on the eyes. If you think so, you are wrong! Super glue is of poor quality and is much cheaper than ordinary safety glue! Super glue forms a strong bond, but the surface area of the lash band is small. The constant movement of the eyelids will weaken the adhesive force, causing the eyelashes to fall in a short time!

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1.2There will be a burning sensation in the eyes

As the eyelids move, the glue on the eyelashes is also moving. The potential danger is very great! The irritation of these super glues to the eyes is inevitable, it will hurt your eyes, and super glues will cause your eyes to be burned by slight chemical substances! too painful! Please stop using super glue

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2. Which glue should you use to stick your eyelashes?

If you really cherish your eyes and want mink eyelashes and other false eyelashes, then I suggest you choose zero latex! This glue can form good adhesion. After applying glue on the lash band, you need to wait 5 seconds for it to stick, and then place the eyelashes on your eyes. That’s great! ! You can also choose a latex-free Eyeliner Glue Pen 《How To Choose The Right Eyeliner Glue Pen》

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