Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes

wholesale premium individuals 3D Silk Lashes with private packaging manufacturers.The silk lashes 100% handmade with Korean silk.Our Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes is super light and soft easy to wear and care.If with proper use and care.It’s reusable.And ours shipping way is air freight,we can fast delivery.
Brand: custom brand logo, OEM/ODM are acceptable
False Eyelashes Material :silk
Touch feeling: Soft and comfortable
Use with :False Eyelashes
Manufacturing process :Hand making
Delivery time: 5-7 working days according to the address
Delivery terms: By air//EMS/DHL
Payment terms: T/T,West Union,Paypal,Alipay
Products capacity: 50000 sets/Month

About the product:
Most Fashionable more than 500 styles Handmade synthetic fibers eyelashes for daily makeup.
Reusable with Proper Care/A Light &Soft Handcrafted Cotton and Transparent Plastic Band Results in An Easy to Apply and Comfortable Pair of Lashes You Can Wear All Day
Easy to Apply , Comfortable and Reusable with Proper Care. Suitable for Professional Application Like Wedding Event & Photo Shoot & Night Out or Daily Daytime Use.
Feature: Free from chemical treatment &Hypo-allergenic &Cruelty-free &Latex-Free
High-end Quality Assurance and Great Customer Service Offered: NoReason Exchange or Replacement .

Do You Long For Beautiful Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes?
The condition of our eyelashes is often ignored, and many people don’t realise that by paying some attention to them will not only transform their looks, but also the way they are perceived and inadvertently judged by others. Remember that first impressions count so obviously it could have impact on your daily life and with those that you come into contact with.
First of all we need to understand that the primary role of Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes is to protect our eyes, however what we mustn’t forget is that the eyelashes themselves need protecting. Not paying enough attention to this particular issue can result in brittle or short eyelashes.
Causes Of Brittle Or Short Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes
There are many reasons why Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes become brittle or in some cases even fall out, however with a bit of common sense, all but the obvious one regarding age can be eliminated.
This list isn’t endless, but I’m sure most people can relate to it.
* Growing old can certainly contribute towards the problem.
* Most definitely over exposure to the sun
* Numerous cosmetic products such as eye make up and eye make up remover.
* The use of eyelash curlers, eyelash extensions and false eyelashes.

Eyelash Growth
Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes like the hair on your head does grow, but at a much slower pace. This slow growth can often mean if they become brittle or fall out it could take up to the best part of a year to grow back again, that’s assuming that what caused the problem if the first place hasn’t continued.
Moisturising Eyelashes
According to many studies one of the basic principles in keeping your eyelashes strong and healthy is to make sure that they are well moisturised. Most mascara products that are available today will do this and the majority of these will almost certainly include the moisturising elements of keratin and panthenol.
If you have the problem of brittle and short eyelashes another solution is the emergence of eyelash growth enhancer products. Instead of using the conventional eyelash curlers, eyelash extensions and false Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes eyelashes, this new type of product is claimed by many of the manufacturers to make eyelashes grow longer, thicker, darker and stronger by the use of their own natural ingredient formulas.
Eyelash Growth Enhancers
Restoring your Wholesale 3D Silk Lashes to their former glory is one thing but looking after them on a continuous basis is another. Many of today’s modern eyelash enhancing products will not only help keep your eyelashes in healthy state, but they will also enhance your appearance and achieve the long beautiful eyelashes you always desired.
If you’re looking to buy a eyelash growth enhancer product then we have all the information you could possibly need via our website

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