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How To Maintain The Eyelashes Correctly

How To Maintain The Eyelashes Correctly

1:Use a special collection box

False eyelash are usually arranged in rows when they are just bought. This is not good for false eyelashes to keep curling. The use of a special false eyelash box can not only keep the original shape of the false eyelashes, but also avoid the extrusion deformation.

2:Take it gently use hand

The lashes slim beautiful, but very fragile, so be careful when in use, the box is removed, to follow the direction of eyelash, finger out, or the use of false eyelash clip special gently removed, not by hand is to pull it out.


3:The way to remove need correct  makeup

From the eyelid eyelashes off, pull down the middle to pinch the false eyelash, the action should be in a clean manner, and must not be pulled down by two or three eyelashes.

4:Keep the eyelashes clean

The used eyelash should thoroughly clean the adhesive on the top, neatly put into the box, pay attention not to stick the eye shadow powder and eyelash oil to the false eyelash, otherwise, it will dirty and destroy the false eyelashes.

5:Cycle use

False eyelash can be recycled. After unloading, they are placed in a cup filled with disinfectant water. The glue on the false lashes on the second day is off, so that we can use it again.

6:Tutorials for maintenance of eyelashes

Whether it is sparse or dense mink lashes, always very expensive, often makeup lady will have the experience deeply. The eyelash falling away from time to time will always look at the pain, and the growth of the lashes is not as easy as the hair, and A loss of one will reduce one
We usually wear mascara and sometimes fake lashes when we make up, and this process will hurt our eyelashes. Our eyelash are empty, we call it hair scale, brush mascara brush head and eyelashes will rub, easily lead to eyelash fracture. In addition, there may be a certain tearing when the false lashes are removed, so that the lashes are more directly damaged. Therefore, before the Brush Mascara must first wipe the eyelash maintenance liquid, protect the lashes, fill the eyelash of the hair gap in the hair, reduce friction.
Eyelash maintenance fluid can help the eyelash more strong and difficult to break, prevent eyelash to fall early, want to have a charming beauty, it is necessary. Many ladies will think: is it not just to fill the gap between wool and scales, and that is the same as the eye cream instead of the eyelash maintenance fluid? Eye cream is not cheap, too.

Don’t try to be smart, and push a little on your eyelash when you wipe your eye cream. I hope it can absorb this unrealistic. Eye cream is very difficult to nourish the lashes, and the chemical components in the eye cream are not necessarily suitable for 3D mink eyelash. Sometimes it may be because of the close distance between the eyelash and the eyeball, rubbing the eyelashes of the eye frost to the eye mucous membrane, causing the eye to stimulate, and , it is not worth the loss. So eye cream still needs to stay away from the lashes and stick to its own duties.

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