How To Start Your Own Eyelash Business?

Ivoire Lashes is the most professional eyelash supplier and custom eyelash packaging supplier in China. We have helped 3,000 customers start their eyelash business.

Do you want to start your own eyelash business? Would you like to know how to create your own mink eyelash brand? Below we will show you how to start your own mink eyelash business. Hope we can help you start your own wholesale mink eyelash business. Please follow the steps below.

1. Must first create your own mink eyelash logo

Each company has its own brand, which helps you to differentiate from other brands and let others remember your eyelash brand. Fortunately, our company can design your logo for free >>> here! !! Our designers have many years of design experience. If you don’t have your own logo, please contact us.



Custom eyelash box


Custom eyelash box

Custom eyelash box


Custom eyelash box


2. Understand customer needs

Get a complete picture of how customers like certain styles of mink eyelashes and their affordable prices. And can accurately position the market to have more customers. Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelash sales. Eyelash styles >>> These are mainly. You can refer to it.




Eyelash vendors wholesale


Eyelash vendors wholesale

3. Find suppliers of quality mink eyelashes

1: Finding a good mink eyelash supplier will help reduce the cost of buying goods

2: Conducive to improving product quality
Research shows that 30% of quality problems are caused by suppliers. Therefore, improving the quality of raw materials and spare parts is an effective means to improve product quality. Good product quality can attract more customers

3: Good mink eyelash supplier can shorten delivery time

According to statistics, 80% of the extended product delivery time is caused by the supplier, and shortening the product delivery time should start from the source. Therefore, it is very important to find a good supplier of mink eyelashes!

We have more than ten years of experience in the production and sale of wholesale mink eyelashes. We are the most professional eyelash supplier in China.                                                                                                                                                                                                              


客户反馈                                                          客户反馈                                  客户反馈








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4: Looking for quality eyelashes

High-quality eyelashes are very important, especially the cost-effective mink eyelashes. Reusable eyelashes are the most popular among customers.                        


We are a professional manufacturer of high quality mink eyelashes. We do not produce the lowest lashes. We must guarantee quality for our customers. Our lashes can be reused 15-20 times

5. Promote your product

No matter how good your eyelashes are, no one will know your product. You can use social software such as YouTube, INS, Pinterest, Facebook, etc to promote your brand. Most importantly, it is to build a website on Google to better help customers solve problems and give customers a more complete understanding of your products. According to our many years of experience, the website’s promotion effect is the best, followed by INS and YouTube.


Dear, if you want to start your eyelash business without knowing how to choose your eyelashes, please contact us, we are a manufacturer of mink eyelashes professional quality and custom packaging. We have more than ten years of experience in the production and sales of eyelashes and have helped more than 3,000 customers successfully launch their eyelash business. !! I hope to help you!

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